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A collective created by Jeffrey and Lia Cirio to explore and develop new choreography


Josh Knowles

Josh Knowles is a violinist, singer/songwriter, and composer based in Boston, MA. An alumnus of Berklee College of Music, he brings an eclectic array of influences to his work. Josh has trained from the age of four as a classical violinist, and is continually striving to fuse his traditional foundation with a myriad of contemporary styles.

This unique fusion is showcased in the score he composed for Cirio Collective’s piece “Efil Ym Fo Flah (Half Of My Life)”. At times both ambient and percussive, the music was composed for electric violin and viola, and incorporates extensive use of effects pedals as an integral part of the piece. One of the most essential effects that he utilized was a DL4 Loop Station. Knowles used this in live performances to track multiple digitally manipulated string samples on top of each other, over which the melody could then be played.

Josh Knowles has recently released his debut album, “Spin Without a Sound”, which is comprised solely of instrumental solo electric violin compositions. The aesthetic is both symphonic and electronic, unique in its combination of melodic foundation and technical prowess.

In 2017, Josh had the honor of performing for President Obama at the Kennedy Center, where the president received the JFK “Profile in Courage” award. In addition, Josh Knowles has appeared on stage as a soloist with the Boston Ballet at Boston Opera House for the show “Cacti”, as well as for their tour to Lincoln Center in New York. Josh is also a musical artist and poet for Cirio Collective. Josh first collaborated with the Collective in 2015, and in summer of 2017, performed “Efil Ym Fo Flah (Half Of My Life)” on the stage of the Joyce Theater in NYC. Knowles is also a Community Luminary at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, where he recently performed his album “Spin Without a Sound” in its entirety.

Photo: Sabi Varga